Parking in Dulles international airport

Parking IAD airport

Parking areas

There are several parking options, such as short and long term, covered and outdoors areas, Cell Phone Lot and parking spaces reserved for passengers with reduced mobility and pregnant women. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, Valet Parking is temporarily closed.

Cell Phone Lot

It is an 1 hour free parking passenger pick-up zone

How it works:

After your arriving passengers have collected their baggage, and exited the Terminal, have them call you with the Door number and level (departure or arrivals) where they are waiting. It is important that the arriving passengers are outside at the curb and ready for pickup before you approach the Terminal. There is no waiting at the curb. Parking at the curb for any longer than a quick pick-up may result in a parking ticket and/or towing.

To monitor the Status of an Inbound or Outbound Flight call 703-572-6240 to get the flight number ready. You will hear prompts asking you to key in the flight number from your phone. This information is directly tied to Dulles Airport's flight information displays.

Terminal Parking Lot

Spaces for short and long stays in front of the terminal, connected to it through an underground pedestrian walkway. Disabled parking available. The lot is located directly across from the Terminal and is the closest self-parking option at Dulles.

PLEASE NOTICE: There is no minimum or maximum length of stay. However, vehicles left for longer than 45 days must be registered with the parking office to avoid being identified as ‘abandoned’ and removed from the premises at the owner’s expense.

Parking Rates

Hourly Rate: $6 per hour
Daily Maximum: $27 per day (24-hour period)

Customers are encouraged to use the new Ticketless Entry Option now available in all public parking areas. Simply insert your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) at the parking entry plaza; be sure to use the same credit card to exit (no ticket required for this method). Or, you may touch the Green Button at entry for a ticket and proceed to a cashier upon exit.

Garage 1 & 2

Multi-storey parking lots for short and long term and with covered bays and charging stations for electric vehicles. Call boxes are available on all levels of the Garages on columns painted red or near the elevators. You can access the terminal through covered walkways or a 24/7 free shuttle service from Curb 2F.

Parking Garage 1 connects to the Terminal via an underground pedestrian walkway equipped with moving sidewalks. Meanwhile Parking Garage 2 connects to the Terminal via a covered pedestrian walkway.

Parking Rates

Hourly Rate: $6 per hour
Daily Maximum: $19 per day (24-hour period)

Economy Lot

Outdoor area for long stays, situated next to the airport's entrance and in front of the car rental parking area. There are two lots: Green Economy Parking (temporarily closed) and Blue Economy Parking. Free "ECONOMY" shuttle bus service is available to and from the Terminal, running every 10 minutes, 24/7 from Curb 2F.

Parking Rates

Daily Maximum: $12 per day (24-hour period)

What to do in case of a lost of parking ticket?

In case of a lost of the parking ticket, just email the airport at [email protected] to get assistant.