Car rental services at Dulles airport

All the car rental companies listed below are serving at the airport. Free shuttle buses operated by each car rental company transport customers from the Terminal to the car rental area and vice versa. It is located right in front of the Blue Economy parking lot.

Car rental companies

Alamo Call: 844-648-1605

Avis Call: 800-331-1212

Budget Call: 800-218-7992

Dollar Rent A Car Call: 800-800-4000

Enterprise Call: 844-648-1602

Hertz Call: 800-654-3131

National Call: 844-648-1604

Sixt Call: 888-749-8227

Thrifty Call: 800-541-7044

Picking Up Your Car

From the terminal baggage claim level, check the exit at gates 2 and 4. The rental car shuttle buses pick up at Curb 2C or Curb 2D. PLEASE make sure to look up your make before boarding the bus, as some makes of rental vehicles carry passengers on a shared bus.

Returning Your Car

Follow roadway signs on the airport to Rental Car Return. All rental car lots are located on Autopilot Drive. After returning your car, ride your rental company's free shuttle bus to the Terminal.

What to consider before renting a car

Always beeing with a vehicle has its comforts and advantages. The Washington D.C. area. it is not only the nations' capital (District of Columbia) but also it is linked to different cities in both Virginia and Maryland states, so the distances can be long. Although Washington is well served by public transportation, there are many places that are worth visiting and are in Virginia or Maryland and having a private car can be a good idea.

However, like in any large metropolitan area, you should take into account that during rush hours traffic is usually heavy and there may be traffic jams (especially on the access highways to Washington D.C.). Therefore, you should avoid the opening hours of the day (7 to 10 am) and the after office times (4 to 7 pm). Weekends, night hours and holidays are the most opportune moments to drive.

You should also consider extra costs when renting your car. That is, in addition to the fuel that you will have to replace before returning the vehicle, keep in mind that many access roads to the different points of the metropolitan area have toll fees.

In addition to your valid driver's license (whether national or international), be sure to rent a car with full insurance, with an authorized agency and present at the airport, have a GPS at hand (if the vehicle does not include a GPS Navigation system).

Needless to say, you must respect all traffic signs, speed limits and not drink alcohol if you are going to drive. If you live in the United States, you will already know this, but if you are a foreigner you should be clear that the North American authorities are usually very strict in respect of the rules and consequently, the punishments are usually very severe in case of any infraction.

In downtown areas, try to find private parking lots, especially during business hours because there is often very little space available, and in turn to avoid unexpected fines.